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We are over the moon to announce that we have official government permission to open to the public, with live music on the stage! With that being said, we WILL be open this coming Saturday, September 18th with a punk rock show you don't want to miss! We will be featuring 'Punk on Fire', 'Sweet Gasoline', and 'Merry Hey Day'! It doesn't get any better than this! Actually, it does...this is a FREE show!!! Doors open at 6pm, performances from 7pm, and doors will shut at 10pm. But hey...we are open!
Please be aware that everyone must wear a mask (covering mouth and nose), even if you have been fully inoculated (meaning, even if you have received 2 vaccination shots, you must still wear a mask). There are no exceptions. If you are uncomfortable with this regulation, or cannot comply for any reason whatsoever, we would ask that you do not attend.
As well, we were not expecting to be allowed to reopen with live music on the stage at this point in time...so we are VERY pleased! Since we were not expecting an earlier opening we had made prior plans for the weekend of the 25th, which we will not be cancelling. We have already been closed for a few months, so what's another weekend right? We will then reopen again from October 2nd!
In short, we are open Saturday, September 18th. Closed September 25th, and open on Saturday, October 2nd!
펑크온파이어 Punk On Fire
Sweet Gasoline
메리헤이데이 MerryHeyDay

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2021년 9월 18일 토요일 오전 09시 00분


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