Touristen Tempo (오스트리아)

Touristen Tempo (오스트리아)
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    With its gently bouncing rhythm, the music of Viennese threesome Touristen Tempo is melancholy without being mawkish, melodic but not mellow. Morrissey and The Cure come to mind, and yet this young band is more than just another post punk or new wave epigone. Nostalgia definitely plays a part here, but then - who´s free of it? Certainly not our most revered musical heroes.

    Founded in 2011, Touristen Tempo have their base in Vienna. Their music, however, is as international as it gets. These are three angry young men, but they know exactly how to dress up their anger in the most stylish musical clothes. You might find yourself humming along to a particularly catchy tune, then realizing you´ve never heard the song before. And you might find yourself wondering why they aren´t yet up there with the more established bands of the european music scene - or, as it were, the international music scene. However, that may all be just a question of time, because Touristen Tempo certainly have what it takes.

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