Max Reynolds

Max Reynolds
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멤버Max Reynolds (Guitar and Vocals), TBA (Bass), TBA (Drum)

레이블Factory,Standpipe After Hours


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    Hello My name is Max Reynolds.I am the founder of Texas Punk band Social Bliss and I also started a venue in Lufkin TX called The Factory.In March of 2012 I hosted Galaxy Express at the Factory.I was lucky enough to be included in GE’s tour documentary ”Turn it up to 11 2:Wild Days”.Through my appearance in the film I have made many S,Korean friends on SNS.My friend Ki Myoung Shin at LoveRock records suggested your festival to me.I will be in Seoul October 8th-21st to promote the new Social Bliss “Will of Fire” EP.Will of Fire is self produced and is the first release on Lufkin’s community funded“Factory” record label.My mission for this promotional tour is to pay respect to Korean musicians and to show my own community that we are all part of a global Rock’n’Roll family.I am tentatively scheduled to play gigs with Juck Juck Grunzie and Number 1 Korean.I plan to play my own shows with Seoul natives fulfilling drum and bass roles.Sincerely ,Max Reynolds

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