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멤버cokiyu(피아노, 보컬)

레이블flau(from japan)


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    cokiyu, who was born in Ehime, finished her masters degree of musicology study in Sonology Department of Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo. From her college days, she has been creating works using the Max/MSP composing contemporary music for voice and woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments. Her works have been selected at the ICMC(International Computer Music Conference) '99 in Beijing and the ICMC2003 in Sweden. She started to do live performances since 2002 with many international artists such as Dot Allison, Masha Qrella, Frank Bretschneider, AGF. She has appeared at SPOT Festival '09 (Denmark) and also records as vocalist with Bichi (hobby industries/aka: The Blue Foundation), aus (u-cover/flau/moteer), Eberg, Robert Svensson (Mixtapes and Cellmates). In 2007, she released 1st album "Mirror Flake" from a butting edge label flau in Tokyo. Her work is used on the website of Canon, and used in Tokyo Motor Show.

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