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레이블flau(from japan)


krrr 주소Cuushe

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    Born in Kyoto but based in Tokyo via Berlin, Cuushe blends piano, distorted synths and guitars with her dream like vocals to create a sound that engages with us all.After the release of her first album, ‘Red Rocket Telepathy’ in 2009, she supported with Grouper on her tour of Japan before releasing the EP called ‘Girl you know that I am here but the dream’ in early 2012.Featuring three new songs and remixes from the likes of Julia Holter, Teen Daze, Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, Blackbird Blackbird, Botany, it sold out almost instantly.US producer Slow Magic’s newest remix of the track ‘Do You Know the Way To Sleep’ has been viewed almost 500,000 time on YouTube, the video for Airy Me (taken from Red Rocket Telepathy) has been viewed 60,000views on Vimeo for a week.The EP was selected as one of the best albums of 2012 by TimeOut Tokyo.

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