Things We Say

Things We Say
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멤버Victor (Vo) Jae (G) Ki (B)

레이블Townhall Records


krrr 주소Things We Say

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    Continuing with the current wave of South Korean hardcore which features bands like The Geeks and Thirteen Steps are Things We Say who features Ki, vocalist of The Geeks, on bass. These songs are energetic, fast, youth crew-inspired hardcore with some melody, mosh, and positivity, taking cues from current bands The First Step and Betrayed and bands of yore like Youth of Today and Insted.

    Things We Say started in 2004 when vocalist Victor was in Toronto, Canada. A four-song demo was recorded with Lenny from Hands Down playing drums and Victor playing everything else. Later that year, Victor’s visa expired and he returned to his home country of Korea, where the band took true form, with the initial lineup including Joonsung on guitar, Kiseok on bass and Kameron on drums. Joonsung and Kameron were replaced by Yongjoon and Myunghoon respectively. When Yongjoon was called up for his mandatory military service, he was replaced by Sean on guitar. Yongjoon’s military service didn’t happen, though, so the band decided to continue with two guitarists. Near the end of 2007, Sean returned to Canada and was replaced by Seungjae of Propeller21 and Control Volume on the second guitar. In 2009, Yongjoon left the band. Myunghoon was also replaced by Hoonhee on drums. In Sept. 2012, Hoonhee left the band. Bialy and Hyunjin fully joined the band later in 2012.

    The current lineup is:
    Victor (vocals)
    Seungjae (guitar; also plays in No Excuse)
    Bialy (guitar; also plays in Animal Anthem)
    Kiseok (bass; also plays in The Geeks)
    Hyunjin (drums; also plays in Animal Anthem)

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